Ross Sanders

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Ross Sanders

Post by gunrunner339 on Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:05 am

Character Theme:


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U.B.C.S.Unit #92
General Information

Full Name: Ross Sanders
Date of Birth: 7/15/1964
Age: 34
Nationality: Canadian
Morale: High
Military Role: Rifleman, Platoon Charlie, Squad A
Military Rank: Private
Year of Conviction: N/A
Convicted For: N/A
Current Status: On Standby, awaiting deployment to Raccoon City

U.B.C.S.Unit #92
Gear and Appearance

Hair Style: Close buzzcut
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Green
Facial Features: Covered by a black balaclava and combat goggles.
Body Features: 5’11. Pale skin tone visible where there are gaps between clothing.
Clothing: U.B.C.S. issued combat gear, with the addition of combat goggles.
Build: Mesomorph
Other: N/A

U.B.C.S.Unit #92
Occupations and Past-Times

- U.B.C.S Infantry Training

- U.B.C.S. Close-Combat Training

- Non U.B.C.S. Air Deployment Training
- Martial arts - Goju-Ryu


-Physical Training

-Electrical Tinkering

U.B.C.S.Unit #92
Personal Relationships

*Section Currently On Lockdown*

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